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Court Denies Belated Supplementation of Patent Invalidity Contentions

In a November 12, 2013 ruling, Judge Richard J. Sullivan denied plaintiff Roche Diagnostics GMBH's motion to supplement its invalidity contentions in its patent infringement action against Enzo Biochem, Inc.  The Court noted that the dates for the service of infringement and invalidity contentions were originally proposed by Roche because, as Roche urged, early contentions streamline discovery and simplify patent cases.  In denying the motion to supplement, Judge Sullivan noted that the Court had previously denied Enzo's motion to supplement its infringement contentions, and that although the parties jointly sought discovery extensions, they did not seek to extend either of the contention deadlines.  Thus, the Court concluded:  "If Roche needed more time to research or respond to Enzo's accusations, then it should have sought an extension before the may 17, 2013 deadline -- an interim deadline Roche emphatically advocated -- or at the very least before now, nearly half a year later."
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