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Court Sets Post-Judgment Patent Royalty Rate

In a December 11, 2013 ruling, Judge Jed S. Rakoff set the post-judgment patent royalty rate in Tomita Technologies USA, LLC's patent infringement action against Nintendo Co., Ltd.  The Court rejected Tomita's request for a flat dollar amount for each unit, finding that the "rapid pace of technological advancement -- and its effect on prices -- counsels the Court that it is highly likely that the price will drop with time.  If, as Tomita suggests, the ongoing royalty rate were expressed as a flat dollar amount per unit sold, Tomita would capture an increasingly large proportion of each sale as the price falls, even as the technology's reliance on the infringed patent remains constant."  Judge Rakoff also rejected Nintendo's argument to set the royalty rate as the same implied rate found by the jury as was subsequently halved by a remittitur, noting that "Tomita . . . argues with some force that courts routinely increase the implied royalty rate of a verdict after a finding of infringement because the status of the parties has changed, as would the result of the hypothetical negotiation between them."  The Court then set the royalty rate at two thirds the implied royalty rate found by the jury.
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