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The Court Denied Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment Dismissing Defendant's Trademark Infringement Counterclaims

In a March 21, 2014 Decision and Order, Judge George B. Daniels denied in its entirety Plaintiff Bath & Body Works Brand Management, Inc.’s motion for summary judgment to dismiss defendant Summit Entertainment, LLC’s counterclaims and for declaratory judgment concerning the right to use the marks "Twilight Woods" and "Twilight Crush" for personal care products.

Plaintiff sought a declaratory judgment to establish "(1) non-infringement of the trademark for Twilight Woods, (2) that it had not engaged in unfair competition, (3) that it had not falsely designated the origin of its goods, (4) non-infringement of trade dress, and (5) that its activities did not constitute dilution of Summit's mark." Defendant is the producer and distributor of the motion picture "Twilight" and, while no evidence was presented that defendant's Twilight marks were strong in the field of personal care products, the Court found defendant's Twilight Motion Pictures marks to be very strong. Applying the summary judgment standard and viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to defendant, the Court denied plaintiff's request for declaratory judgment and did not dismiss any of defendant's claims of trademark infringement, trademark dilution, trade dress, and cancellation.
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