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Court Denies Stay of Permanent Injunction Pending Appeal

Following up an earlier decision to grant a permanent injunction (here), Judge Katherine B. Forrest, in a May 21, 2014 ruling, denied the defendant's motion for a stay of the injunction pending appeal.  The Court wrote:
ABN's position is premised on the erroneous assumption that the Court should or intended to provide the time it viewed as necessary to complete an ordinary transition [from the infringing software].  That was not the Court's intent.  How and what ABN chooses to do during the transition period is up to ABN -- the Court's view is that the one year period [before the effective date of the injunction] provides sufficient and reasonable time for ABN to "get off" BankTrade.  Whether ABN starts a transition to using another system or outsources its trade finance business entirely is up to ABN.  The Court does not have a view as to what business decisions ABN will make over the next year.  It has but one requirement:  ABN shall stop using BankTrade by the expiration of that period.

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