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Court Denies Defendant's Motion for Reconsideation of Claim Construction Ruling

In an August 27, 2013 ruling, Judge Alison J. Nathan denied defendant T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s motion for reconsideration of the Court's earlier claim construction ruling.  Judge Nathan noted that "Defendant has failed to meet the motion for reconsideration standard," but the Court nevertheless considered T-Mobile's arguments and found them meritless.  One of T-Mobile's contentions, presented in the motion for reconsideration for the first time was that the preamble of the claim at issue "should be read to limit claim scope because the claim does not make sense without any preamble."  The Court rejected this argument, writing that "most claims would not make sense without any preamble, yet the Federal Circuit has instructed that 'generally' preambles do not limit claim scope."  Judge Nathan also concluded "that the claim is understandable without considering the preamble as a limitation, and that the claim body independently and fully describes a coherent device without any limitation imposed by the preamble."  The Court considered and rejected T-Mobile's remaining three arguments, and denied reconsideration.
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