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Court Finds That Federal Circuit's Akamai Decision Did Not Change Law of Direct Patent Infringement

In an August 26, 2013 ruling, Judge Deborah A. Batts denied reconsideration of the Court's ruling dismissing plaintiff Edwin Lyda's patent infringement claim against Fremantlemedia North America, Inc.  Lyda argued that the Federal Circuit's decision in Akami Techs, Inc. v. Limelight Networks, Inc., 692 F.3d 1301 (Fed. Cir. 2012), which overruled in part BMC Resouces Inc. v. Paymentech, L.P., 498 F.3d 1373 (Fed. Cir. 2007) relied on in the Court's original ruling, warranted reconsideration.  Akamai and BMC, however, both deal with induced infringement, and Lyda's claim was based on direct infringement.  Judge Batts ruled that Akamai did not overrule the portion of BMC on which she relied in her earlier decision, and that the Akamai decision "consciously avoided ruling on direct infringement."  Thus, Judge Batts found that "Akamai did not change the law of direct infringement, and it is, therefore, not relevant to the Court's prior decisions."
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